Geek Christmas Gifts
17 Dec, 2017

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Every Geek In Your Life

It’s that time of year again. The time of goodwill, cheer and all your excess mental energy being devoted to thinking up perfect, one-of-a-kind gift ideas. We all have a geek, or two, in our...

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Successful Entrepreneur
16 Dec, 2017

3 Habits Of Successful Entrepreneurs You Should Adopt

Just two out of every ten businesses survive past their first year of operation. So it’s clear that if you’re going to be successful, you’d need lots of courage and discipline. Here are three habits...

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Win At Networking
08 Dec, 2017

6 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Win At Networking Events

Anybody can show up for a networking event. Those who win at these events, however, show up in a particular way and do some things before and when they arrive. Let’s go find out what...

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Customer Appreciation
05 Nov, 2017

13 Ways To Show Customers Appreciation Without Breaking The Bank

Admit it. You feel good when someone appreciates your input. You’re delighted when people can’t stop thanking you. As an entrepreneur, why do you think your customers feel any different? From sending thank you cards...

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25 Oct, 2017

5 Warning Signs That Entrepreneurship Isn’t For You

A study has claimed that not everyone has what it takes to be an entrepreneur. So before diving in, shouldn’t you find out if you’re made for this thing? Here are the 5 things you’ll need...

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