Business Financial Mistakes
14 Aug, 2018

9 Financial Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make (And How to Avoid Them)

Successful business people take risks, lots and lots of them. Some of these risks don’t turn out as planned and can lead to self-doubt and aversion to risk. There are some financial risks you shouldn’t...

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Difficult Customers
03 Aug, 2018

10 Ways You Can Handle Difficult Customers (And Personal Relationships)

Is the customer always right? What if the customer being right conflicts with the core foundations of your business? You’re going to face difficult customer service situations at some point. I don’t mean people who have...

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10 Jul, 2018

11 Ways To Become Everyone’s Favorite Boss (While Still Being a Leader)

No employee likes a rude boss or one who doesn’t care. Your team would be attracted to you if you show a little kindness. Like Glen Campbell said, “you’ve got to try a little kindness,...

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Media Player
14 Jun, 2018

Amazing Hidden Features You Had no Idea About in VLC

VLC is hands down one of the most efficient media players out there. However, it’s more than just a media player, it is the complete arsenal that one needs when it comes to handling all...

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Help From Marketing Consultants
08 Jun, 2018

5 Kinds of Consultants All SEO and Marketing Firms Should Utilize

When you’re running an SEO or marketing firm, things can get hectic quickly, especially if you’re not prepared to carry the load. The old “fake it until you make it” approach can work for a...

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