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Jon Lee Clark San Diego search marketing specialist

Internet Marketing Consultant

Jon Lee Clark is a search marketing specialist, Internet Marketing blogger and Pay Per Click Marketing Blogger. As an Internet entrepeneur Jon has been working as a search marketing consultant since 2004. He possesses an in-depth understanding of pay per click marketing, search engine optimization, online business development, web site design and e-mail marketing.

Search Marketing Consulting strives to achieve incremental lifts in ROI to help drive additional traffic, clicks, transactions and revenue by driving incremental traffic and visits and then executing intense testing, analysis and optimization techniques.

Search Engine Marketing Consultant (SEM)

As a search marketing consultant, Jon Lee Clark has helped small companies compete against much larger competitors and break into markets never reached through traditional advertising via e-mail marketing, PPC, SEO, affiliate marketing & more.

Search Engine Optimization Consultant (SEO)

As a search engine optimization consultant, Jon Lee Clark has personally been responsible for the indexation of hundreds of pages of content in the major search engines and achieved first page listings in Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask in competitive markets.

Pay Per Click Marketing Consultant (PPC)

Jon Lee Clark creates, manages and optimizes Pay Per Click advertising campaigns across Google, Yahoo and MSN. As a search marketing specialist, the measure of success is the ROI. Jon Lee Clark continuously improves ROI while always staying motivated to expand market reach. Be sure to check out the latest nugget of expertise at Jon Clark's Pay Per Click Marketing blog

Jon Lee Clark is a proud member of the American Marketing Association and has obtained a Google Adwords Professional Certification , a Microsoft adCenter Certification and a Yahoo! Ambassador pay per click certifications.

To learn more about previous job history or experience you can view Jon Lee Clark's Search Marketing Specialist Resume or Download Jon Lee Clark's LinkedIn Profile complete with Job References and Recommendations. You can also download Jon Lee Clark's resume in PDF format. If you are looking to outsource your pay per click campaigns, SEO or for consulting services you can contact Jon Lee Clark for a no obligation price quote and consultation.

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